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January 24, 2010



I have yet to plant a single rose around this house. I plan to eventually, but there always seems to be something else to do first.

patricia Tryon

Yes, I would think so! :)

When you're ready, there are some pretty easy to take care of vintage roses that would be great with your vintage house :)


Just wanted to say, that I don't think the yellow rose in the photo is Sunsprite. From the picture, it seems that the rose fades from yellow to white,and some seem to be white with yellow centers. Mine stay a true yellow and do not fade at all. It is the brightest yellow in my garden. The petals on this rosebush are different also, mine are more of a Tea form.
View mine here:

patricia Tryon

Hi, Carol,

You could well be right. In the Nixon garden, it is labeled as Sunsprite. One thing worth considering, too, is that these are January blossoms. In my experience, even in California the mid-winter blossoms tend to look a bit different than spring and summer blossoms.

The other comment I'd make about this is that the photo was taken in late afternoon, so I wouldn't bet my house on color accuracy, especially after it goes through PhotoShop onto a server into a monitor ;)

Thanks for the comment. Obviously I love roses and rose people. I'm on "helpmefind" :)

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